Your Guide to Tree Services

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chain saw and felled tree to illustrate tree servicesHave you moved into a different property and want your outdoor space to look its best? Or maybe you’ve simply been too busy and neglected your landscaping recently. Either way, you know how important your trees are to our world’s health and you’re thinking about tree services. That makes sense. You want to know your trees are

  • in good health,
  • expertly pruned,
  • cared for properly, and
  • removed securely if necessary.

You’re not alone! We love our trees, too!

We also understand how challenging it can be for you, as a property owner, to keep on top of regular care and maintenance. So, this is your guide to tree services. We want you to know all about the areas a specialist tree company can help you with. And the benefits.

But first, why should you think about using experienced and certified climbers and arborists?

What is an Arborist?

Professional arborists are experts in all aspects of tree management. They have extensive knowledge of arboriculture science and have years of experience when it comes to tree care.

You might be thinking the list of tree services you need is extensive, but qualified arborists have extensive training and experience too! They can deal with

  • tree removal,
  • stump grinding,
  • tree and plant healthcare,
  • crown reduction,
  • pruning,
  • deadwood removal, and
  • maintenance.

So, let’s dive in.

Tree Removal Services

As much as we all love our trees, there are times when you need to remove a tree.

An unhealthy tree can be dangerous

Quite often, a tree that’s unhealthy gives out signals that there’s a problem. This leaves you time to decide on a strategy, but you shouldn’t postpone it for long.

The ideal solution would be to restore your tree’s health, but when this isn’t possible, calling in tree services to remove it becomes the most responsible decision you can make. The reason is that a badly damaged and weak tree can be a threat to your property and your safety.

In addition, it’s worth remembering that waiting too long to address the issue can complicate matters. For example, if your tree falls, it’s more hazardous, and ultimately more costly, to remedy.

When else might you need tree removal services?

There are also times when removing one of your trees has to be done urgently. Maybe a thunderstorm sweeps through and knocks your tree onto power lines. This situation is complicated and dangerous. It’s not one for amateurs to deal with! To remove the tree safely and efficiently you need expert tree handlers who have the necessary experience and training in fallen tree removal – including power line safety skills.

Another reason that you might choose to remove a tree is because you can’t keep the tree where it is – for a variety of reasons that might include:

  • It hangs over the backyard pool, and you find it a chore to constantly remove fallen leaves from the water.
  • The tree roots have grown to expand under the driveway and are now cracking the concrete slab.
  • The roots are in danger of undermining the foundations of your property.

These aren’t urgent reasons to remove a tree, but they’re problematic, or irritating, at the very least.

Why use a tree removal service?

Many people are hesitant about hiring tree removal companies at first. Does it seem like too much bother for one tree? Will they make a mess of your yard? Damage things?

That’s understandable. But it’s easy to forget everything that’s involved in removing a tree safely and effectively:

1 Professional tree service companies have specialized equipment such as bucket trucks and cranes that can access tree canopies or hard-to-reach trees.

2 Certified arborists and climbers know how to maneuver around trees in a way that’s safe – something the average property owner has little to no experience with!

3 Additionally, attempting to remove a tree on your own can leave the unsightly mess behind that you feared! Without the help of a log truck, you’ll most likely be left with lots of wood to chop down into smaller, manageable pieces and decide what to do with.

Tree service providers, on the other hand, use chip trucks to hold wood chips from discarded wood to haul away after the job is complete. They take great care to protect your surfaces at the same time.

Stump Grinding Tree Services

A leftover tree stump in your yard will not just be an eye sore! It can be dangerous. But it’s a challenge to remove tree stumps right down to the root.

You probably don’t own equipment capable of grinding it up effectively yourself, but if you leave it there, you’re potentially inviting other problems. For example:

  • Tangled, dead roots underground can prevent new growth for your grass and greenery by blocking access to nutrients.
  • New sprouting and tree growth can occur unless you have complete tree stump removal that extends deep into the roots.
  • Allowing the stump to rot away can attract wood-destroying insects. There’s a time and ecological place for this, but not necessarily in your yard! The reason is that once there’s an infestation of unwanted insects, it can be difficult to remediate.
  • Tree stumps have the potential to cause serious injuries: Adults and children alike are vulnerable to tripping over stumps.

You can avoid all of these issues by having your stumps removed by a professional team of stump grinders.

Although you can hire a small stump grinder yourself, tree services companies have the equipment and experience to get the job done completely and efficiently – and much faster than you can! They will also go much deeper and leave your land ready for what you want to plant next.

Plant Healthcare and Tree Care Services

There are many factors to consider when trying to ensure your trees stay healthy for as long as possible. It’s easy to feel at a loss! This might be for a number of reasons. For example:

1 You don’t know what to look for and fail to identify the main cause of the problem.

This is when the eyes of a professional arborist can help you. They know exactly what to look for and can offer solutions for how to remedy the problem.

2 Your yard might suffer from soil compaction or poor drainage.

This can prevent trees and shrubs from thriving – but what can you do? Tree services people know all about soil conditions and can advise.

3 You might water your trees regularly but notice a lack of growth.

You need to consider the conditions of both soil and water flow. Not all soil is created equal! Some types of soil are optimal for water absorption, and some are not. Again, some professional advice about plant care can help you find a solution.

4 Inadequate sunlight can also cause your trees to struggle to survive.

Too much sunlight can be overpowering and dry out the tree. On the other hand, a tree with too little sunlight will have less of a chance to grow strong and healthy.

Finding the right balance can be hard, but a tree specialist can suggest the best way to ensure the proper amount of sunlight (see pruning and maintenance below).

5 Disease or pest problems can be affecting the growth and health of your trees.

However, a certified arborist can conduct a tree inspection for you and carefully diagnose and treat harmful symptoms and restore your tree to health.

The solution here is to seek help from a licensed and certified tree company qualified to use pesticides and/or offer natural alternatives.

Tree Pruning and Maintenance

Effective tree pruning needs the expert, careful, and thoughtful approach of an arborist. Knowing what to trim, how to trim, and when to trim trees successfully to promote health can take years to learn.

But why is pruning expertise so important?

Firstly, growth patterns can vary between tree species. Being able to predict the expansion patterns of individual trees means pruning is effective and appropriate for that tree.

Secondly, in some cases, you can address infection and disease with careful pruning and dead wood removal rather than complete tree removal.

Thirdly, the expert eye of a professional arborist can often shape and trim to maintain healthy growth. Crown reduction, for example, can remove stress on the trunk, or eliminate the effects of light loss elsewhere.

Some trees and shrubs are relatively easy to prune. Dead branches and deadwood removal are usually obvious and simple to deal with. Other times, there are contributing factors that make trimming a challenge.

That’s why using a professional tree service company ensures perfect trimming and pruning. There’s nothing worse than a badly pruned tree that becomes an eyesore!

In addition, if you use professional tree services, their tree experts can help you understand how trees and shrubs interfere with each other. And when you know what to look for, you can continue to maintain the health of your trees proactively.

We Can Help You!

Before you hire anyone, it’s a good idea to ask these questions first! But at B&R Tree Service, our knowledgeable team of arborists and qualified climbers stand behind more than 10 years of experience in meeting the tree needs of property owners in central Massachusetts.

We’ve invested time and resources in training, certification, and licensing, and we’re proud to offer an extensive list of ways that we can help you with all your tree servicing needs. You can read our FAQ sheet here.

If you have a problem or a project in mind, contact us today for a free estimate and more information about how we can help you!

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