Tree Removal & Maintenance Services

We are ready to take on any job of any size. We are experts in tree removal services for residential, commercial, municipal, and management properties.

Whether your needs are aesthetic concerns or safety concerns, we will come equipped with top of the line equipment and our highly trained team of experts. Our services are affordable, always on-time, clean, and professional. Our arborists and climbers are certified, and all of our tree services are completely insured. Throughout the project, each day we will leave your landscape clean and safe.

Tree removal can change the look of your yard, remove trees that pose a hazard, and ensure a healthy and attractive landscape overall. BR Tree Service offers quality tree removal, trimming, and pruning services with clean, on-time, affordable, expert, insured tree service for your home, commercial property, business property, or municipality. We have certified arborists and climbers on staff who have extensive experience with tree removal.

We provide the proper equipment to remove trees of any size, such as a certified aerial bucket truck to access tree canopies, a chip truck to hold wood chips from discarded wood (which we will haul away or leave for you to use as mulch) a log truck for removal of large wood, and a crane for jobs that require a hard to reach tree. We will maintain a safe and clean job site for the duration of the project.

Contact us to learn more about our tree removal services for residential, commercial, municipal and management properties in Central Massachusetts.

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We are here to help you make your landscape luxurious again. Whether it’s pruning trees, planting trees, or removing trees altogether, we’re ready. We can also help you with your plant health care, ugly stumps, and treating against ticks and mosquitos. Whatever you need to brighten up your backyard, B&R Tree can help.