Tree Maintenance Services

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Trees can be an excellent addition to any home or business. They add beauty and shade and provide birds and other wildlife with a habitat. However, they need regular maintenance to remain healthy and attractive. Having trouble maintaining the trees on your property yourself? Investing in professional tree maintenance services from B&R Tree Service can save you time, money, and energy. Let us do the work for you, so you can get back to enjoying your home without the hassle of tree maintenance.


Our professional tree maintenance services will help protect your trees’ beauty for years. We provide pruning and trimming, which helps keep your trees looking their best and prevents them from creeping onto other parts of your property. We also help remove dead and diseased branches, as well as any debris that has been collected in the tree’s canopy. This helps keep your trees healthy and reduces the chances of disease or insects attacking them.

Beyond Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trees need regular trimming and pruning to stay healthy and maintain shape. This can be a tedious task that takes time and skill – two things many homeowners don’t have. That’s why it’s essential to hire a professional tree maintenance service to handle this task for you. Professionals will know how much trimming needs to be done when it should be done, and how best to do it without causing harm or damage to the trees in question. Our certified arborists will also recommend which types of trees are best suited for your climate and how best to care for them so they look great all year round!


Insect Control

Many types of insects can cause severe damage to trees if left unchecked. Some insects feed on the leaves, while others bore into the trunk or branches of trees, weakening them over time. B&R Tree Service will be able to identify which type of insect has infested your trees and what type of treatment is needed for adequate control. This is much more efficient than trying to manage insects yourself, which could lead to further damage if not treated adequately.

Safety Maintenance

Regular tree maintenance is vital when it comes to safety around your property. Overgrown branches can threaten power lines and cause potential hazards in stormy weather, while unstable roots can weaken sidewalks or crack foundations over time. Certified tree professionals can safely prune or remove trees as needed and assess the condition of your trees to ensure they are safe for you and your family.

Tree maintenance is an important part of keeping your property and its inhabitants healthy, both physically and aesthetically. Regular inspections, trimming, pruning and removal services provided by certified tree care professionals can help you preserve the beauty of your landscape while ensuring that it remains safe for everyone in it. You can trust a qualified arborist with the upkeep of your trees, so don’t hesitate to reach out today!

Tree maintenance services provide numerous benefits that help ensure your trees stay healthy while protecting your property as well. Not only do these services protect against potential hazards such as falling branches, but they also improve overall health while helping maintain an attractive appearance over time. If you’re looking for ways to improve the health of your trees while making sure they look good too – then it’s time to consider investing in professional tree maintenance services!

At B&R Tree Service, our certified arborist services can offer many benefits when taking care of the existing trees on your property and cultivating an. Not only do we have the knowledge and experience necessary for proper trimming, pruning, insect control, and overall health of your plants, but we also provide valuable advice when considering new additions or changes in layout! Investing in our quality tree maintenance service will improve the health of your trees and the value of your home or business too! Get started cultivating the yard of your dreams when you book with B&R Tree Service today!

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