Emergency Tree Services

Frustrated with other companies who won’t pick up the phone when you call when you’re trying to get emergency tree removal services? We are a fully staffed tree service committed to giving you the help you need when you need it. Rest assured, we will get your trees under control quickly with our emergency tree removal services!

Trees can fall at any time, for any number of reasons. Our team is trained to handle any situation, including emergency tree removal, and we make sure your safety is our top priority. We have the tools and expertise to care for even the most complex emergency tree removal cases. If you need clarification on what needs to be done, our certified arborists are always available for consultation.

We provide various tree services, including tree removal, trimming and pruning, cabling and bracing, fertilizing, soil care, stump grinding, emergency tree removal, and more. Our team is fully insured and bonded so you can rest assured that your property is secure.

If a tree is causing a safety concern for your home or vehicle, B&R Tree Service is here to help. Our certified arborists and climbers come prepared with the proper equipment to remove trees of any size quickly and safely. We offer clean, on-time, affordable, expert, insured emergency tree removal services for your home, commercial property, business property, or municipality.

What Causes Trees to Fall?

Trees can fall for any number of reasons and cause the need for emergency tree removal. These reasons include:

  • Disease and old age
  • Soggy soil
  • Compromised Root System
  • Storms: Winter storms, heavy winds, hurricanes, tropical storms, flooding
  • Insect infestation
  • Construction damage
  • Drought

What Can You Do to Prevent Tree Damage?

As trees age, their structural integrity naturally weakens, making them susceptible to the wind and the need for emergency tree removal services. However, not all tree falls resulting in emergency tree removal services are caused by old age–disease can also be a culprit! Infections like root rot and fungal plant diseases cause woody tissue in the tree’s trunk, branches, or roots to decay, ultimately making them too unstable for even light winds to support. In addition, these infections may leave an already aging tree with weakened roots unable to hold onto soil securely, making it more likely to topple over during a gust of wind, in which case emergency tree removal may be necessary.

In their fight against rough weather, trees are vulnerable to the elements and other destructive forces. Invasive species such as fungi and insects can weaken a tree’s infrastructure – making it prone to toppling during storms, which can result in the need for emergency tree removal. Similarly, human interference caused by construction projects or improper pruning practices is another major enemy of our beloved trees; these activities can disrupt growth if done incorrectly and ultimately lead to its downfall! To avoid unnecessary emergency tree removal services, mindful consideration must be taken near any construction project located near a tree so that we may minimize damage on both an environmental and structural level.

Signs Your Tree May Be In Danger of Falling:

  • Frequent Self-Pruning
  • Cavities
  • Missing bark
  • V shape branch growth
  • Rotten Roots

Self-pruning is when trees shed their branches as a result of inefficient photosynthesis, disease, or old age. In addition to self-pruning, large holes or caverns in tree trunks can be an indicator of disease or insect and animal infestation. Deep cracks can weaken your trees and lead to decay, which can be dangerous in high wind or storm conditions. Decay can lead to your tree falling on your property or into a road, creating a safety hazard, and a need for emergency tree removal services. Pruning dead branches and limbs, keeping an eye on changes in their structure, and understanding what might be contributing factors are all ways you can help protect yourself from falling trees. With the help of B&R Tree Service, you can keep yourself and your property protected from hazardous tree falls and if they do happen, we’ll be ready to answer your call for emergency tree removal services.

How Can We Help?

Our certified arborists are here to help keep your trees in top condition! A yearly exam can assess any vulnerabilities, such as diseases or infestations, and make sure that the overall health of your tree is strong enough to withstand stormy weather and avoid emergency tree removal. Don’t let a windy day leave you with an unexpected emergency tree removal surprise- take care of it now to prevent your trees from falling on your property. If a tree has fallen on your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will get to you quickly with our emergency tree removal services and remove the fallen tree safely and efficiently!

We provide preventive assessments and treatments that keep your trees healthy and strong, helping you avoid unexpected disasters that result in emergency tree removal. Reach out to us today and get the peace of mind you deserve!