Why Use Certified Arborist Tree Care Services?

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house with trees and plants to illustrate certified arborist tree careThe drive to DIY is powerful! It’s probably why you’re thinking you could save time and money by managing tree and yard tasks on your own. You’re not the only one! Many people believe certified arborist tree care is overrated and unnecessary – but often, the risks and dangers associated with DIY tree care are critically underestimated.

The outcome? Your decision not to utilize a tree care company can end up costing you more time and money than you’d hoped to save!

We’re therefore going to look at the argument in detail, because, whether it’s

  • residential tree removal,
  • a need for a tree inspection, or
  • routine tree maintenance…

…we believe professional arborist tree care services have the experience, credentials, and tools to manage all of your tree care needs in the best possible way. And you deserve to know why!

But let’s start with how someone gets certified.

What Qualifies a Certified Arborist?

A certified arborist is a tree care specialist trained and experienced in all forms of tree care. Full-service arborists are tree professionals qualified in

  • transplanting,
  • pruning,
  • fertilizing,
  • managing pests,
  • diagnosing diseases, and
  • tree and stump removal.

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is the industry standard agency that certifies Arborists. Certification is a nongovernmental and voluntary process by which individuals can document their experience and training.

To be a Certified Arborist, an individual must achieve two things.

1 A high level of knowledge in the art and science of tree care through extensive experience.

2 A passing score on a comprehensive examination developed by national leading experts in tree care.

So let’s frame the cons and pros together and judge if it’s better to use certified arborist tree care services than risk your life and limbs!

Do the Pros of Hiring a Tree Care Company Outweigh the (Perceived) Cons?

We’ll look at both the reasons people choose to go it alone and some rational reasons why you should consider taking the certified arborist tree care route instead. We’re admittedly biased – but we’ve also seen DIY accidents.

1 Money

“Tree care companies are too expensive.”

Cost is usually the primary consideration when it comes to tree care services. Although you may pay more initially, hiring a certified arborist tree care professional prevents you having to absorb unexpected costs associated with

  • damages, local permits and fines,
  • tools, and
  • hauling away materials.

In this case, trying to save money can end up costing you more in the long run.

2 Time

“I don’t have time to wait for a company to come to me.”

While you might think that anytime is a good time to attack tree projects, it’s always worth waiting to get help from a professional. Even in the case of urgent matters like structural damage, trained tree experts know the best course of action to get the job done efficiently and safely.

So, when it comes down to it, the quick work of a certified arborist actually ends up saving you more time than the time you’d spend figuring out the best way to handle your tree project. Make sense?

3 Tools

“I can just borrow or rent the tools I need.”

Chainsaws, ropes, and sharp tools used for small tree projects are dangerous in and of themselves. Additionally, a specialist in certified arborist tree care has access to high-end equipment that’s capable of handling much more than cutting and trimming tasks.

The bigger the job, the more specialized tools you require. The average homeowner either doesn’t have access to this type of equipment or doesn’t have the experience to use it safely.

4 Safety

“It’s a simple job, and I know what I’m doing.”

There’s a way of tackling even the smallest job safely that’s not always the first thing you think about. A certified arborist, on the other hand, has a trained eye for assessing the potential for structural damage to property and also personal safety hazards.

Tree care professionals deal regularly with the risks associated with

  • electrical wires,
  • chemicals,
  • dangerous heights,
  • falling tree limbs,
  • slippery conditions, and
  • high-end equipment that’s capable of handling the most difficult tasks safely.

Experts follow a specialized process to ensure the job is done in the safest way possible.

5 Licensing

“I don’t need a license. How hard can it be?”

You maybe don’t. But there’s a reason why a professional tree service company must legally hold the necessary licenses to perform their work.

These licenses may cover using complex equipment, employee safety, and specific tree care tasks. Licensing is not a quick process and requires a real commitment to the trade. A combination of experience, training, and coursework all have to come together for an individual to earn their certification.

And the commitment doesn’t end there. To maintain certification with the ISA, a Certified Arborist must continue his or her education. This ensures the highest level of tree care – securely backed by knowledge, skill, and experience.

6 Insurance

“Nothing bad can happen, so being insured isn’t necessary.”

Licensed tree experts carry liability and worker’s comp insurance that protects you, your home, and company staff from potential accidents.

Tree removal and trimming is a highly technical process that can pose several work-related risks, including third-party injuries and property damage. Without insured protection, you risk being held liable and responsible for any injuries or damages you may cause to

  • yourself,
  • someone else,
  • your property, or
  • the property of another.

Considered in this light, perhaps the cost of hiring a professional comes down to “very manageable.”

Don’t Take the Risk: Seek the Help of an Expert in Certified Arborist Tree Care

Experts in the tree care industry must demonstrate a deep level of training and experience in the field. With something as extensive and potentially dangerous as tree care services, this professional experience is invaluable.

Their expertise translates to peace of mind for you.

Finding the right tree service company requires research, as we said, but you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re using a knowledgeable, qualified, and reputable professional.

B&R Tree Service sets the industry standard in total tree services.

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