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For landscaping services and inspired yard and garden design, look to BR Tree Service, leading tree service providers and landscape design professionals in Central Massachusetts. BR Tree Service provides comprehensive, custom landscaping services and design to enhance your outdoor living space. Whether you want an appropriate redesign for your yard, or want to correct improper pruning techniques or bring trees and shrubs back to a manageable size, our tree service professionals can assist you.

Our certified arborists can perform tree planting, tree and shrub pruning, and preventative maintenance that will enhance your home’s curb appeal and create a unique look and feel that your family will love. We work with the character inherent in your yard, incorporating its natural sun or shade exposure to create a vibrant landscape that allows you to fully utilize your yard and garden without needing to perform tedious maintenance.

With more than 10 years of experience, we are a trusted name in Central Massachusetts for arborist service and landscape design. We perform comprehensive landscaping design for residential, commercial, municipal, and management properties throughout Central MA. To learn more about our landscape design services, or to obtain a free quote for landscape design, contact us today today.



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We are here to help you make your landscape luxurious again. Whether it’s pruning trees, planting trees, or removing trees altogether, we’re ready. We can also help you with your plant health care, ugly stumps, and treating against ticks and mosquitos. Whatever you need to brighten up your backyard, B&R Tree can help.

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