How Does B & R Tree Service Protect Your Driveway, Lawn, and Structures?

April 26th, 2022 0 Comments

As you start to set up your tree service project, remember to also think about protecting the surfaces that equipment will be sitting on!

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How will you protect my driveway, lawn, and structures from potential damage?
We know how important it is to protect your property from damage due to heavy trucks and equipment. B & R Tree Service uses the highest caliber and most innovative equipment for all of our jobs. This ensures the highest quality of safety, as well as precision to ensure that your landscape is left in a clean and well groomed condition. We also use AlturnaMAT Ground Protection Mats, as well as cranes for hard-to-reach trees.

What is the benefit of a crane?
Cranes allow us to access trees that are more difficult to reach. In addition to preventing damage to your property, they also have the benefit of decreased traffic obstruction (by avoiding vehicles and equipment moving in and out of your property) and allowing us to complete the work up to twice as fast.

What does an AlturnaMAT do?
AlturnaMATS prevent equipment and truck wheels from getting stuck in soft ground and avoid wear and tear to your lawn. Compared with plywood, AlturnaMATS create better traction and a more stable, durable pathway for equipment that follows the grounds’ natural contours.