Tree Removal & Maintenance Services

B&R Tree Service is ready to take on any job of any size. We are experts in tree removal services in Central Massachusetts for residential, commercial, municipal, and management properties. We specialize in removing hazardous, dead, or dying trees and providing stump-grinding services. We are also experts in cabling, bracing, pruning, and trimming to help manage the size and shape of your trees. Our experienced team is qualified to work with all species of trees, providing you with professional tree care services tailored to fit your needs.

Benefits of Tree Removal

Tree removal & Maintenance can:

  • Change the look of your yard
  • Remove trees that pose a hazard
  • Ensure a healthy and attractive landscape overall. 

No matter what size job we take on, our goal is always customer satisfaction—we strive to ensure you have a beautiful view of your yard or business property for years to come. We use the most advanced techniques and equipment to ensure your trees receive the best care and attention.

We pride ourselves on safety and quality; our certified arborists provide excellent tree care services meeting all industry standards. We understand the importance of keeping your trees healthy and will always ensure that we provide only the best for your property.

Tree Removal Services You Can Depend On

Our highly trained experts will come prepared with top-of-the-line equipment and tools to meet your aesthetic or safety needs. Our services are affordable, always on time, clean, and professional. Our arborists and climbers are certified, and all tree services are insured. Throughout the project, we take pride in leaving your landscapes neat and secure every step of the way.

B&R Tree Service offers quality tree removal, trimming, and pruning services in Central Massachusetts with clean, on-time, affordable, expert, and insured tree service for your home, commercial property, business property, or municipality. We have certified arborists and climbers on staff who have extensive experience with tree removal.

In addition to offering traditional tree care services, we also provide emergency tree removal services 24/7. Give us a call if an unforeseen issue arises, and our experienced team can be right there to assist!

For quality, dependable, and cost-effective tree care services that won’t break the bank, B&R Tree Service is your one-stop shop. Talk with our experts  today to learn more about what we can do for you! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact us to learn more about Tree Removal in Central Massachusetts for residential, commercial, municipal and management properties.

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We are here to help you make your landscape luxurious again. Whether it’s pruning trees, planting trees, or removing trees altogether, we’re ready. We can also help you with your plant health care, ugly stumps, and treating against ticks and mosquitos. Whatever you need to brighten up your backyard, B&R Tree can help.